Dive into this fermented feast of subtly spiced condiments. 

A carefully curated pack for those whose palate demands deep flavour without the extreme heat. At the milder end of the spice spectrum, our beginner’s pack uses fermentation to do all the hard work – make a stand against bland by smothering Agri on your smashed avo, drizzling it over fresh oysters or crafting gourmet dips. No glass of milk required. 


  • Fermented Green Sriracha
    Your scrambled eggs will thank you for drizzling this all over them, and your avocado toast will never look back. Step up your spice game with this carefully crafted fermented sauce. It might make you cry, but we promise they will be happy tears.
  • Fermented Chilli Ketchup
    Throw the Big Red in the bin and try dolloping this on your burger instead. Quite literally a replacement for the old unimaginative T sauce, but with a subtle chilli kick. You’ll wonder why you’d hadn’t converted to this earlier.
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce
    We all love the almost fluorescent, sticky sweet chilli you get at the pub with your wedges, but there’s a time and a place for it, and for all of the other times, there’s this. Drizzle it over your lamb shish kebabs, brush it onto barbecued fish, or throw some in your grilled cheese sandwich. Twice the fun, half the guilt.

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