Some like it sweet. Some like it hot. And some bat for both teams.

That’s where sweet chilli sauce comes in. Forget the unimaginative sickly-sweet chilli you know and introduce yourself to how sweet chilli should be treated – with respect. A mix of mild fermented Cayenne and Birdseye chilli pulp plays the hero of this condiment, followed by a pleasant sweetness that doesn’t dominate the palate. The perfect dipping sauce for any occasion – we have but one serving suggestion: use recklessly.

- All Natural - 7 Day Fermentation - Low Sugar - Australian Made - Much Yum

Filtered water, long red cayenne peppers, red birdseye chilli, apple cider vinegar, garlic, sea salt, soy sauce, sugar, pectin.

Gluten and dairy free. Vegan and vegetarian. Made using shared equipment and may contain traces of nuts.

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