We like to think of our fermentation process as our ‘secret weapon’. It’s the answer to where all that rich, luscious flavour comes from, not to mention the source of a whole lot of gut-friendly goodness, too. 

So here’s how it works. 

We add our special blend of chillies, some salt and some water to our 330 litre stainless steel fermenter (aka The Behemoth), and seal it up.

At around the four day mark, the good bacteria start to work their magic on the chilli mix, and carbon dioxide is released from the fermenter.

Throughout the process, we stir (lovingly). This helps to keep things going.

After seven days, exciting things have happened. The good bacteria has mellowed the more acidic flavours and transformed the chilli burn into flavour - deep, rich, spicy and sensational.

agri sriacha