Let me tell you what Agri is.

First and foremost, it’s delicious. Its flavour is rich, complex, distinctive. 

It’s locally made. It’s seasonal. 

Agri takes its time. Seven days, in fact. That’s how long the fermentation process takes (and where all that full-bodied flavour comes from). 

Agri was born of the ethos ‘local, seasonal and delicious’. 

Now let me tell you what Agri isn’t.

Agri isn’t here to scorch your tastebuds, burn your bum, or anything else of that (unpleasant) nature.

Agri isn’t skulls, or crossbones. 

Agri is a single drop on an oyster. Agri is snuggling up next to your scrambled eggs. 

Agri is welcome at breakfast. In fact, Agri is welcome at every meal. 

Agri is your new favourite BYO.

Thank you's, birthdays, we've got you sauced!